Reyna Danjoy

Reyna Danjoy is a multimillion dollar producing agent serving the Katy and surrounding areas since 2014. She wants the best for her clients, and she has the experience, skills, training, and personality to make it happen. This passionate, strong, honest Realtor applies her gift of deep listening to accurately identifying and acting on her clients’ needs. Comprehensive market research, innovative marketing ideas and steadfast negotiations are the keys to Reyna’s success with sellers. “I also enjoy working with homebuyers and placing them in a positive market position, while purchasing, but also in the future,” she says. Helping her clients make educated, forward thinking investment decisions, based on rigorous, dogged research, brings Reyna satisfaction day-in and day-out. Prior to her real estate career, Reyna worked for BP Wind Energy, providing her with the skills needed to thrive as a Realtor. Reyna is customer service driving with a strong work ethic and a keen eye for detail. “My past experiences have taught me how to stay organized and efficient, which I believe is especially important when juggling the many tasks of a Realtor,” she says. “I’ve also learned communication is essential.” In her spare time, she loves to help her family with their pasta business! She loves teaching people how to make delicious fresh pasta and enjoys sharing their pasta and lasagna throughout her community.

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